Uv unwrapping sword and shield

In today’s lesson with Ben, we started to UV unwrap our sword and shield models and he gave us a powerpoint document with some tips and tricks on how to UV unwrap it was very helpful and it thought me a lot about how it works and what I should do to make sure it looks as best as it can.

I had no problem with UV unwrapping my sword but I did not have time to start doing my shield but I also had a bit of trouble visualising were all the faces are on the UV map compared to the actual sword itself so it made it a bit hard to start sawing the faces together so that there are no semes and also no blurry textures.

I need to do a lot more UV unwrapping to understand the system fully but it seems easy enough its just to make it as perfect as possible it will require some time to grasp the system.

Categories: 3D

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