Matte painting

In today’s lesson with Gary, we started our matte painting which is when you combine a bunch of different pictures together to make a new original piece of work and after we finish this we will put it into after effects and make it look like a 3D landscape. I had no problems with this project […]

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Walk cycle progress

In today’s lesson I learned a lot about how a walk cycle works and how much of the body moves when you walk for example the shoulders and hips, having a reference helps a lot in trying to figure out how to properly animate a character and this then lets me experiment a bit more and […]

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Digital head sculpting

In today’s lesson with Tony he made us use a picture of a real person and then in Photoshop use the liquefy tool to make them look strange and once we did that we had to trace over the picture and the results were interesting but I am happy on the way it came out. […]

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Walk cycles

The first video is of a real person walking which is a great reference for animation if you are looking to make a realistic looking walk cycle for an animation and the animated walk cycle could help a more fun and unrealistic walk cycle happen but it could also a good reference point and maybe try […]

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2D platformer 2D physics effectors

In today’s lesson with Chris we started to use 2D physics effectors which lets you have things happen using physics without making a script for it, for example you can make water move like it is actually water using the buoyancy effector or make a platform that allows you to pass through it from the bottom but you […]

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Clock in unity

Today I followed a tutorial for C# scripting in unity and this person has made plenty of some other C# scripting tutorials so I will try to finish all of them or must of them before the test in April happens so that then I will be ready to do the test and pass properly with all the […]

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Ball Brawl

In today’s lesson, Ant tasked us to go with our bay which consists of five to six people and make a stage filled with balls that all function differently and he also gave us an example of what he meant, my team made a normal bouncy ball, a ball that spun and a ball that spawned more balls […]

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