Portfolio progress

In this lesson I will be recording footage of the rest of the games I have not put on my portfolio and also finish some of the games fully. The reason I need to do this is to make my games look more professional and finished. I hope to achieve a better grade by doing this but I […]

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Low Poly World Submission

In Bens lesson, we were tasked with making a low poly world with a team of 4 to 6 people and the objective was to make a world using Maya with models that have a tri count of 500 or below. My job in this project was to make the animals because the theme we […]

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Reflection on session

In this lesson I nearly managed to finish batch rendering and putting all my animations in Adobe premiere except my walking cycle because I ran out of time but the next time I’m in lesson that is the first thing I will finish. The quality of the work is good but I think it would […]

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Goals for this session

In this session my goals are to batch render all my animations and also put them in Adobe premiere and make them look nice once I’ve done this I will put all of them in my portfolio. I hope to make the animations look better by rendering them and this will also make it look […]

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LowPolyCity progress

We are nearly finished with our LowPolyCity project all we have to do now is to put it all together in Unity, Once we have done that then we will make it so you can walk on the lowPolyCity so that you can see all the models up close.  So far we have only had one […]

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Portfolio Progress

In todays lesson I will be working on my 3D models because most of my 3D models are not UV unwrapped and textured at all so this would give me a boost to make my models look good and hopefully improve my grade. I hope to achieve a better grade or a higher level version […]

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